Distillation apparatus

By distillation apparatus of high performance, we are manufacturing a consistent system from raw materials to finished products. In recent years, we tend to purified material is commercialized widely in the field other than brake fluid and antifreeze liquid. These high quality materials that has been purified in this distillation column, has attracted the attention of the petrochemical industry.


Production line

Fabrication facilities that have been constantly evolving over the 60-odd years the company since its inception, both shows the high productivity in small number of people. We are doing the packing work and formulated in a line of antifreeze and brake fluid. We are producing 650t per month or more. Our factory has been received several Japanese Industrial Standards certification.


Research and Development

To establish a consistent line to product development from raw material purification, we are working with an emphasis on research and development. As a result, we came to be a high reputation in the field of automotive chemical products. In addition to the technical capabilities as a base, we make full use of the know-how of many, we aim to develop products that anticipate the times.



We are thoroughly integrated management by computer, orders, production, and shipping. And we offer superior products with quick, accurate response to the customer.




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