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Company Message


Technology development that cannot be imitated anywhere

May 1949, the company which derived from Tanikawa Yuka Research Institute that Rokuyoshi Tanikawa predecessor was founded has been working in the petrochemical industry consistently.
The motto of "research and development that anticipate the needs of the times",we are developing a product of its own inimitable in large companies.

After the war early days, It was sparked of technology development, it begins that it was awarded the bid for us to deliver the brake oil in troops.
The standard U.S. military at that time was severe beyond comparison with Japan standard. We could not find the consult product at all. We have developed a unique product to pass the standard U.S. military from such a situation. We believe the era of petroleum chemistry and always come from at this time, we were been striving to anticipate the technology.

Although standards have become stricter with the times in Japan, we have studied ahead has passed the standards of the United States as well as standard of Japan, and we has maintained its quality certified.
In the future, while aiming to further improve product performance, to increase the awareness of environmental protection as a company in the 21st century, we will fulfill the responsibilities of a recycling-oriented society.





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